Healthy Hospitality

We offer hospitality with a twist wellness. When you book with Namastay on your next trip, you'll enjoy stylish home comforts with the fundamentals of wellness. Our home-style accommodations are designed to inspire memories and encourage well-being while away.

Lifestyle Essentials

Live your best life with Namastay. Every home is equipped with healthy lifestyle essentials that enable you to be active, eat healthy and stay well while you're away. We outfit every home with a fitness set-up, healthy cookbooks, smoothie maker, city bikes, gym access and more.

Better Sleep

A good night sleep is key to a healthy life! That's why every Namastay features a comfy mattress, four fluffy pillows and super soft bedding. Sleep well throughout your stay and have a more enjoyable trip.

Our Community

Instantly tap into the local wellness community. Our network of wellness partners enables you to have access to the best local studios, fitness centers and healthy eateries. No longer will you need to break your wellness routine while away.